Pat Meraux - Trombone

Pat began his musical experience with the T-Bone in grammar school and later took to football fields as a member of the St. Paul's Marching Wolves.  In 2006 he returned to the parade route on the Mande Gras Allstar's music float playing Mardi Gras music throughout the streets of the North Shore.  As a central figure in BF's horn section, Pat is always ready with a laugh, a low bass note and requisite Miller Lite.

                Pierre Simoneaux-Bass/Vocals

Growing up in and around New Orleans, Pierre began his music career in high school as the show-stopping Drum Major of St. Paul's infamous Marching Wolves.  After kicking off the north shore garage band craze as a member of The Drones, he went on to play in LSU's Tiger Band.  He later returned to Covington, where he recorded an original album With Something Like That and played with a number of cover bands, spanning the genres of jazz, funk, country, Cajun, rock, pop and beach music.  On bass and lead vocals, he is the backbone of Boogie Falaya and dares anyone to try to beat him ain a game of music trivia.

                Christi Simoneaux-Vocals/Sax/Flute

Christi and Pierre have been singing together since their first date at LSU.  They knew it was kismet when they couldn't agree over whose turn is was to sing the harmony line, a tradition that comically continues at BF practices to this day.  Having little access to music education in her small hometown of Port Sulphur, she's been teaching herself how to play a variety of musical instruments since she was a small child.  Her all-time dream gig would be to sing backup for Aretha Franklin, so she jumps at every opportunity to belt out a soulful tune.  A jack-of-all trades, she tackles vocals, tenor sax, alto sax, flute and if allowed cowbell.

                Mike Simoneaux - Keyboard//Vocals/Harp

As if 3 Simoneaux's weren't enough,  Mike adds his 20+ years' of professional  musicianship as both a solo artist and member with several local S. La. groups.  Additionally Mike has  several national tour events under his belt.  Mike brings his talented keyboard riffs, synth sounds, vocals and a few harmonica solo's to Boogie Falaya that are truly amazing (don't tell him we said that many nice things about him). 

Da Band

Growing from the Mande Gras Allstars in 2004,  Boogie Falaya was born to  meet growing popularity for the band.  Boogie Falaya takes its name after the Bogue Falaya River that runs through Covington, LA that once served schooners venturing to the north shore from New Orleans.  Boogie Falaya maintains that tradition by adding New Orleans flavor to everything they do.  With a repertoire that spans nearly every genre of music, the group plays weddings, private parties, festivals and fundraisers throughout the New Orleans, South Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast.

                David Buquoi - Drums

David began playing drums along with his mother’s and grandmother’s record collections at the age of 3 and first sat-in with a live band at the age of 5.  David was on the snare line and played set in jazz band at Archbishop Shaw.  While attending UNO, he played house gigs on Bourbon Street, the ‘84 World’s Fair Hurricane Saloon and played throughout the Gulf South while opening for such stars as Jimmy Buffett and the Neville Brothers at Tipitina’s, Chuck Berry, Frankie Ford, Pete Fountain and Marva Wright.   David has since played in numerous local bands and is thrilled to finally be based on the north shore - partying like it’s 1999 in Boogie Falaya!

                Carter Simoneaux - Guitar/Percussion/Vocals

The son of Pierre and Christi, Carter grew up surrounded by music.  Somewhere between being dragged to his parent's band practices , gigs and music festivals across the state, Carter was bitten by the music bug, of which there is no cure.  A Jazz Fest regular, Carter's music influences range from Papa Grows Funk to the Beatles to Dave Matthews.  Carter also showcases his musical talent in Ragin Cajun land through his own group-Quarter Draft. Carter adds dimension to Boogie Falaya on rhythm guitar, congas, backup and lead vocals. 

                Dave Mount-Trumpet/Vocals

Dave began playing the trumpet in 5th grade then at Brother Martin High and  UNO.  After a hiatus from music, Dave met the guys that became Boogie Falaya booking the early version of Boogie Falaya band's first gig that has morphed into its' current  form.   Dave has been the "organized" one of the band who functions as a primary contact for booking inquiries.  If you're not interested in a very thorough explanation of anything our advice is "Don't ask and he won't tell".

                                                 Charlie Legendre - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Charlie has been playing guitar since he was knee high to a ukelele.   Versatile in both rock and jazz progressions Charlie takes Boogie Falaya from Jazz Traditional music to R&B/funk to country to rock standards.  Charlie has a smooth voice that lends well to many songs requiring his velvety tone and is our own "Van Morrison".  He is a purist in his instrument/delivery and is also an early adopter of technology in music.